Cost Claims Analysis

Cost Claims Analysis

Overfinch Range Rover - Cost Claims Analysis Case

What’s The Problem?

Insurers and legal experts are reporting significant increases in the average cost of credit repair. In 2015 average costs increased to almost £1800 from just £1650, and are still increasing.

So what is driving this inflation?

UK METS have been closely monitoring this issue and have seen clear drivers behind the inflation now being reported. For many years now, a culture within the claimant repair industry has been developing, which exaggerates repair costs and maximises hire duration. This culture is being sanctioned and given a veneer of respectability by “sympathetic or incompetent engineers”.

There are also issues surrounding the mobility of the vehicle, consideration of a temporary repair and their effect on hire. All too often vehicles are designated as “immobile” and a groundless reason given to substantiate this by an engineer. Temporary repairs are rarely considered with the focus being on maximising hire.

A consequence of this practice is increased charges to the “at fault insurer” for repair and hire costs. This impacts motorists’ premiums.

The UKMETS Post Accident Repair Analysis (PARA) Service uses the experience of expert and truly independent Forensic motor engineers to help you tackle this problem head on and protect your brand.


Average repair saving of £1057.


Average potential repair saving.


Savings made in 97% of cases.

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What Issues Do We Find?

While carrying out the checks as part of the PARA service, we have seen many issues
which have increased the cost of the repair, repair duration and all too commonly, both.

The common issues are:

  • Vehicles were actually roadworthy prior to the repair and hire period
    is unnecessarily too long.
  • Unrelated damage included in the repairs, which at
    best is incompetence, worst fraud!
  • Parts have been replaced which were unnecessary,
    given the damage.
  • Parts charged for haven’t actually been replaced.
  • Paint blending hasn’t been done despite being on the invoice.
  • Labour charges exaggerated.
  • Overall repair cost exaggerated.
  • The repair needn’t have taken as long as stated.
  • Due to exaggerated repair duration, credit hire charges are excessive.
  • Exaggerated repair costs, so a vehicle is declared as a total loss.

What Are The Results?

The results of our first-hand experience from reviewing the repairs of
vehicles that have been through the credit repair process are startling.

These are the results we have obtained for our clients:

  • Average potential repair saving – 30%
  • Average potential Hire Saving – 50%
  • Savings made in 97% of cases
  • Hire reduced in 70% of cases
  • Average repair saving of £1057
  • Average hire saving of 6 days or £1240
Cost Claims Analysis - Damage Inspection
Audi Q3 - Cost Claims Analysis Case