UKMETS was founded by Adrian Hart and Richard Cross to provide an independant, nationwide, forensic engineering and collision investigation services. Our forensic engineers and collision investigators have a wealth of experiance dealing with: – damage compatibility, low velocity impacts, occupant displacement, large loss claims deployment of vehicle safety systems, seatbelt and airbag examinations and road traffic incident investigations. We are particularly focused on detecting and helping fight fraud, exaggeration and malpractice in our industry. Please see our services menu above.

£27 million

Total amount insures pay out on a daily basis.
Through IFED, insurers have identified that combating fraudulent credit hire/repair is a key priority for the next 12 months. At UKMETS we completely agree this is one of the key problems affecting insurers and their policyholders today. We have worked and continue to work, in both claimant and defendant markets tackling these issues. We understand the level of fraud that is taking place and how malpractice among some motor engineers is aiding this. While there are many honest people working hard to support honest claimants, we have seen how dishonesty and greed are used, in the repairing of claimant vehicles, as a trojan horse to inflate costs and attempt to justify unnecessary credit hire periods. The Competition Commission identified that repairs of non-fault vehicles are often in the hands of those who have no incentive to keep costs down. We can’t change that, but we can help you make sure that you and your policyholders stand the best chance of keeping those repair and hire costs down. See our Post Repair Costs Analysis page for more details. We look forward to working with you and helping your busy teams fight back against these unnecessary costs.
Adrian Hart - UK Mets

Adrian Hart

H.N.C.(B.TEC), A.I.A.E.A, ENG TECH, LAE, MIMI, M.I.R.T.E, M.S.O.E Adrian has been a director of a motor engineering business since 1989. He has worked at the forefront of technology in the industry creating one of the first high quality repair networks using Audatex estimating video imaging. Adrian is an advocate of the use of technology to improve repair quality and reduce costs. Adrian is passionate about the value experienced motor engineers can provide to insurers and their customers. He also campaigns to remove fraud and malpractice from the industry.
Richard Cross - UK Mets

Richard Cross

ENG TECH, MIMI, M.S.O.E, M.I.R.T.E, A.I.A.E.A. Richard has been in the motor industry since 1979 and a Director since 1984. He has been at the forefront of the development of accident investigation and reconstruction. In particular he has focused on forensic damage compatibility investigation and Low Velocity Impact (LVI) investigations, saving insurer client significant amounts with his skills. Richard works hard to make sure that clients get the service they expect from high quality independent motor engineers and upholds the highest standards for his business.
Ian Phillips - UK Mets

Ian Phillips

BSc(Hons) MCSFS LCGI MITAI CAE MIMI Ian joined UKMETS in March 2018 following a 30-year Police career. He became a Forensic Collision Investigator in 2004 and retired as Senior Collision Investigator and elected member of the National Senior Collision Investigators panel. Ian is recognised as an Expert Witness and has reported on serious and fatal collisions including several high-profile cases. Ian has City and Guilds qualifications in Forensic Collision Investigation (Licentiateship) and Vehicle examination, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Combined Sciences (Collision Investigation) and Memberships of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (MCSFS) and Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (MITAI). He is a Certified Automotive Engineer (CAE IMI). He has specialist expertise in vehicle telematics. Ian now utilises his skills to provide impartial reports into all fields of collision investigation and vehicle examination.
Nick - UK Mets

Nick Hoare

BSc (Hons) Nick joined UKMETS in July 2016 having spent the past 25 years involved in the investigation and reconstruction of road traffic collisions, crime scenes, as well as fraud investigations, involving Low-Velocity Impact (LVI), and damage consistency cases. Nick is a time served motor vehicle technician, a former Collision Investigator and Crime Scene Investigator for the Staffordshire Police and the Forensic Science Service. Nick has a diverse skill set and expertise in the forensic examination of all types of motor vehicles which allows him to provide independent expert forensic CPR reports for the courts in both Defendant’s and Claimant’s cases.