Four members of a crash for cash gang from the Leeds area have been sentenced for over 49 years for their roles in a fatal crash for cash accident.

Ubaidullah, Miah, Hussain and Hussain got into a vehicle with the sole intention of driving into another car to cause a crash. Fuelled by greed, the gang collided with an innocent vehicle so they could submit false insurance claims for personal injury following the incident. The tragic result was that the victim, who was the passenger in the vehicle targeted by the gang, died as a result of the collision.

The IFB spearheads the insurance industry’s crackdown on organised fraud such as crash for cash. IFB estimates that deliberately caused crashes like this cost in the region of £336 million per year, and it’s the honest policyholders who are footing the bill.

Ben Fletcher, Director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), said, “Insurance fraud is far from a victimless crime and the impact can be wide reaching. Sadly, this is an example at the very worst end of the spectrum of crash for cash, where an innocent member of the public has tragically died as the result of fraudster’s greed.

“We know that fraudsters will go to extreme lengths to commit crash for cash scams. Whilst many of the scams that are reported are hit in the rear collisions, we have long known that fraudsters will use a wide range of methods to ply their trade. The public need to be extra vigilant when driving on the roads and report any suspicions they have to the Cheatline.”

Members of the public can play their role in fighting back against ‘crash for cash’ scams and other types of insurance fraud by reporting what they know to the Cheatline. The Cheatline, powered by Crimestoppers, is a free service that enables the public to anonymously report information or suspicions about insurance fraud by calling 0800 422 0421 or reporting online at All information provided to the Cheatline is treated in the strictest confidence.